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In 1955, Víctor Guerra, began manufacturing wood articles (toys, chairs, hangers) using artisan methods that enable the manufacture of a wide variety of pieces using the same machines.

His forward vision led him to specialise in one type of item, wood hangers.

Specialising in a single product range has enabled the continuous improvement of our means of production, with the most modern machinery for the manufacture of wood hangers, varnishing, mounting metal fittings and customising that exist on the market.

Our wood hangers are made of beech wood with PEFC/14-35-00110 Chain of Custody of Sustainable Wood certificate in order to promote sustainable management from our company. These hangers can have different finishes, such as natural varnish, white stripped, black lacquered, etc. and can also be marked with your brand name and/or logo.

All of this whilst thinking about serving our customers, and improving our service and quality on a daily basis.


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